Sunday, November 18, 2012

Perfect Stocking Stuffer's #5-Doll Jewelry

Today I wanted to share my Etsy Favorites for Doll Jewelry. Above is a necklace and bracelet set from Lemonhead 103 click here for shop listing.
Also from Lemonhead 103 check out these Doll and Daughter Sets click here for shop listing.

Over at Secret Station XYZ's Etsy shop you can find beautiful necklaces and adorable doll sized holiday cards!
(I know they are not jewelry but I had to share them with you! Click here for shop listing.)

Over at Gash Jewel's Etsy shop this listing caught my eye, I love this blue and silver combo (My second favorite color is Blue, Purple is my most favorite) Check out Gash Jewel's Shop by clicking here
Check out the doll necklaces from Dolls Dream Clothes Etsy shop. This necklace would look stunning paired with a dolly evening gown.
Take a look at this beautiful bracelet set for girl and doll from My 3 Miracles Boutique
Amazing quality and design.

Over at Amanda Person 2 's Etsy shop this set caught my eye, click here for shop listing.
Civil Traditions Etsy shop offers some really sweet doll items, I love this necklace and bracelet sets.
Also offered in this shop are items for BFC Dolls as well as 18 inch AG dolls. Check it out by clicking here.

I also found some cute bracelets over at It's Sew Ewe, check out the fun and affordable doll jewelry in this shop by clicking here.

There are so many wonderful choices for doll jewelery on Etsy and these are just some of my favorite offerings. Visit any of these shops by clicking the highlighted words in these posts.
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