Monday, November 19, 2012

Dolly suggestions for the holidays...

There are so many more wonderful choices world wide for Best Friend Dolls today. I am one of the luckiest people to have so many of these wonderful dolls. I thought I would share with you some of my top picks this holiday season.

Here in Canada we have a few choices for our Best Friend Dolls. Maplelea offers Canadian Girls 18 best friend dolls. Personally I have Saila and one of the New Friends Dolls, who I call Stacy.
I highly recommend these dolls for their play potential and their heirloom quality. Click here to visit Maplelea priced at just under $100.

Springfield Doll Collection is another one of my favorite doll lines. These 18 inch dolls are available here in Canada at Micheal's the Craft Store. Their line of well priced Dolls, Clothing, Furniture and Accessories make Springfield and easy and affordable gift! You can use your Micheal's Coupons for further discounts on the entire line and is one of the reasons I purchase Springfield Dolls and items frequently for my nieces,  gifts and for my own collection. I personally have two Olivia's and Madison, I love all the dolls in this collection, check them out at your local Micheal's store.Dolls priced under $40

Over at you can order these wonderful Newberry Dolls, I also found them in store yesterday. These dolls priced under $30 do not have eyes that open and close but are great starter dolls.
 Toys R Us in Canada is now offering the Journey Girls, these dolls are much slimmer then most 18 inch dolls on the market today but have their own line of clothing and accessories through out Toys R Us stores here in Canada and the USA, priced at just over $30 they are also wonderful starter dolls.
For my Australian readers I can not say enough about the Australian Girl Dolls
These dolls are beautifully made, with a breast plate and separated toes each doll wears a sun dress beautifully and flip flops too! These dolls SHIP WORLD WIDE and are 22 inches tall. I have Emily and I just love her! Her soft facial expressions and long beautiful hair are just some of the things I love most about this wonderful doll line.Australian Girl Dolls are priced just under $120 and are among my most favorite international dolls. Click here to visit their website.

Brand new on the market this month are South African Girl Dolls! I am so excited to see this new line of dolls brought to us by the wonderful creator of Doll Tag Designs! I am so looking forward to all the wonderful things South African Girl Dolls will be up to in the coming months. Find and Like them on Facebook by clicking here.

For my readers in the UK, My London Girl Dolls are absolutely adorable. Personally I have three of these dolls and I love the My London Girl meet outfits, the running shoes or trainers are my favorite part of the meet outfit. Their stylish stores are a must visit if you are visiting London. I love these dolls and you will too! Check them out on line by clicking here priced at  79 pounds,

 be sure to check out their new  My London Guy doll Ollie by clicking here. 
He is personally a favorite, I have a son by the same name!
My neighbors to the South in the USA have many choices from Our Generation Dolls sold through Target priced under $40.
Springfield dolls also available in the USA on line or in store are priced far better then here in Canada, check them out on line or in store. They are my go to doll for birthday party gifts for sure!
Harmony Club Dolls are new to the Dolly world this season and a welcome addition they are! Limited addition dolls offered at $85.

 Click here for more details!

Last but not least the American Girl Dolls, a true classic and favorite of mine. These dolls are available on line  priced at just over $100 with so many dolls to choose from you are sure to find a favorite here. With Historical and Doll of the year dolls not to mention the Just like you dolls, bitty baby and bitty twin it is easy to see why American Girl Dolls lead the market in 18 inch dolls world wide. Click here for the on line store.

I love all my 18 inch dolls and I know you will to. Having a best friend doll to love and play with is a wonderful investment. Keeping girls, girls longer and helping them to grow into to well adjusted, creative young ladies is my hope through doll play. Weather you choose one of the dolls listed in this post or featured on my blog or another doll, doll play is very rewarding!

 I encourage you to Keep Calm and Play with Dolls.
For tips on how to play with dolls or create play sets for your child or dolls please visit the tabs at the top of this blog and start your doll play adventure today!
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  1. Thank you Karen for the shout out... South African Girl will be here in December... we are so excited!

  2. A few weeks ago, I found an Our Generation doll at Costco. I would've bought the doll just because of the outfit she was wearing, and the horse that came w/ her.

  3. I heard about the deal Anna-Marie! I wish I had a Costco membership! I would have got her too!
    I can not wait for the South African Girl Dolls to be released!!! Such fun,