Monday, November 26, 2012

Doll Cookies a Great Madelon fun find under $2

Madelon sent me some adorable photos of her doll and holiday baking set from The Queen's Treasures
this set has cookie cutters and a working rolling pin and board. Click here to see the set offered at The Queen's Treasures for $7.99 (Chef jacket sold separately). Madelon set out to find cookies to add to this already realistic doll play set and here is what she found.
The very clever Madelon, found Gingerbread house Cookies and Ginger Bread cookies that could be re-purposed for doll holiday play. These cookies are a great example of re purposing items from every day for Doll Play.
The Gingerbread houses are ornaments that cost $1.00 for 4. Making them a steal at a quarter each!
The gingerbread men are actually buttons that cost $1.50 each.
Use a doll play you already have and a dolly glass of milk and you are all set!
Madelon had this vintage doll baking tray already but you can easily make one for your own using the craft I did for my Make it Monday column on Daydream Doll Boutique.
Click here for the tutorial
Keep your eyes out for items like these you can inexpensively add to your doll play collections. Expand your child's play sets at a fraction of the cost of retail doll play items.
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  1. Last year, I bought a little Christmas tree to display in my bedroom (also for doll photography), and I bought a whole bunch of little ornaments to hang on it. I turned some of the ornaments into doll-sized holiday cookies.

  2. Anna-Marie, where did you get your supplies?

  3. I think I got them at Liquidation World.

  4. Karen, I really like the little trees and variety of mini decorations that they have at Hobby Lobby! You can usually get them on sale at 40% to 50% off!!

  5. I got a mini tree from Family Dollar or Dollar general in the US.