Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Make Brandy's 70's plate set for your Doll Play Collection

My oldest daughter loves Julie and Ivy.  This love sparked an interest in
the 70s.

 By using Lays Stackers potato chip lids, Gatorade lids, and
chocolate milk bottle lids (individual serving), I was able to create 70s
style dishes in yellow, orange, and brown.

 The yellow Lays Stacker lids made great plates.  The orange Gatorade lids worked perfect for a salad
bowl.  The brown chocolate milk lid made an excellent potato chip bowl.

I love how the table setting turned out!  A blast from the past.

You can find how to make the salad, sandwiches, and chips on previous posts by clicking here for the sandwich 

and here for the chips

I love re-purposing and creating your own doll play items and Brandy makes it so easy for us today! This is an easy set you can make and give this holiday season to the doll lover in your life.
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  1. Groovy! I dig the 70s! (check out my time machine blog to see how much!)