Friday, November 9, 2012

Dolly Family Game Night? Another Madelon's Fun Finds!

"I got started with the mini games this past summer and had to show you what I recently found. These four games were 3.99 each at Five Below and they make fantastic doll games." says Madelon

 (Karen Mom of three's Personal Favorite game)
Look how perfectly to scale these games are!

What doll would not love Monopoly?
It opens and real game pieces!
 Closes for storage!
(Madelon's childhood favorite)

Simply remove the key chain attachment and let the fun begin, with doll sized board games from the party or dollar store! You never know where you may find the perfect accessory for doll play. These games make great stocking stuffers, party favors and prizes. Keep your eyes out for them!
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  1. Awesome! How do I win the Maplelea Friends doll?

  2. I just bought keychain Battleship, Barrel Full Of Monkeys, and Operation games for my dolls. I also have the travel size versions (more to their scale) of Connect Four, Booby Trap (dollar store equivilent), Hungry Hungry Hippos, Master Mind and Othello. I also made a Twister board using a kitchen sized white garbage bag, construction paper and packing tape. Can you tell my dolls love games? LOL!

  3. Dear Dollygirl, you have to live in Canada, email me which of the 12 new Doll Friends you like best and if you are chosen the company will send that doll to you.
    I am so thrilled Hardygirl66 that you are a game lover like Madelon and I!