Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unexpected Doll Play Holiday Delights! Madelon's Fun Find!

Madelon and her daughter Emily, are fantastic at re purposing every day items into doll play delights. Here Madelon shares with us some of her fun holiday finds that add whimsy and charm to her doll play collection.

Above are some fun 7/8 inch Lollipops, which are great for re purposed doll treats!
Checking your local dollar store, party store and big box stores holiday decoration department may just result in some really fun doll play delights. these little candy swirls would make great Doll food or Doll necklace charms.
2 inch Candy Canes are perfectly sized for our dolls, and their Trees!
How about some magical holiday baking, cookies for your dolls!
Simply remove the ribbons and place on a dolly plate!
Place these small "wrapped candy" into a bowl for your dolls to enjoy!
Mix in some Peppermint Candy!
How about cutting out these doll sized gum balls from a garland and adding them to your dolls Candy dish?
Madelon was able to create bowls of Doll Candy from her garland!
This white garland cut up looks like a bowl of popcorn!
 Thank you to Madelon for these great fun finds! We hope it inspires you to find doll play items for your own collection from items you may already have or can find inexpensively! Just a reminder that all small items should be kept away from really young doll lovers!
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