Thursday, November 29, 2012

Do you know about the Pen Pal Girl Dolls?

Recently I came  across Pen Pal Girls Dolls I do not know much about these dolls but from what I can tell and what I have found on line,  I know that they are a welcome addition to the 18 inch doll world! 

Welcome Emma and Cady!

Tina the founder of Pen Pal Girl Dolls shares her reason for starting Pen Pal Girl Dolls ...
"Our creation of PenPalGirls® (PPG) comes from my experience of moving to a foreign country, knowing little English and even less about American culture. In a land of sunny blondes, I craved for people to understand the customs and flavor of my culture. Now my own daughters and yours can have the opportunity to experience not only my Chinese heritage but also the Russian, Australian, French and many cultures of the world that enrich and define not only our lives but our souls. This is the American melting pot that we are all a part of.
On our website, you will find many items from around the world that I have cherished over the years. I hope you enjoy our stories through letters and that in this day of texting, your children will fall in love with the expression of written letters and that letter writing will be revived. We hope PenPalGirls allows your family to experience the diversity that enriches all our lives and that your daughters enjoy the dolls as much as we do."
I am really excited by the introduction of these dolls to the Dolly World, I love the idea of Pen Pal's, when I was growing up I loved writing and sending letters to my Pen Pals, now with email it is even easier to keep in touch. I still love "snail mail though!"

Currently Pen Pal Girls offers two dolls Cady, from China and Emma from the UK.
These dolls are offered on line for $85 and have some wonderful doll accessories from around the world. To visit Pen Pal Girls click any of the highlighted words in this post. These dolls ship from the USA and can be ordered in time for the holiday season.
There are also fun and educational games on the Pen Pal Girls website, come and check it out for yourselves! Click here to begin your Pen Pal Girl adventure!
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  1. What pretty dolls, will you be doing a giveaway?