Saturday, July 20, 2013

An Interview With Ase, Designer for Knitting for Dolls Etsy Shop

Today I am thrilled to bring you an interview and some knitting encouragement from Ase of Knitting for Dolls Etsy Shop. I have long admired the work and talent of Knitters who create items for our 18 inch dolls and aspire to become a knitter and join them!
Here is the interview I recently did with Ase, who kindly answered my questions even though she was on vacation.  I hope you will be inspired and encouraged to pick up the needles and try to create some amazing things for your 18 inch dolls.

Please tell my readers about yourself and how you began knitting. "Growing up in Norway I started knitting as a child, which all of my friends also did. At that time we knitted mostly sweaters for ourselves."
How did you come to create patterns for 18 inch dolls?

"The idea for Knitting for Dolls actually came from a friend from Norway who also lives in the US. She has many grandchildren and had been looking for patterns for their American Girl dolls. She asked if I wanted to try out creating and selling patterns with her. I thought it sounded like fun and in 2008 we started the business. She is no longer involved as she does a lot of traveling and visiting her family so now I work on my own."

"I really enjoy knitting and creating patterns. It keeps me busy and I can work from home."
Do you have any beginning knitting patterns you recommend?

"I have several patterns for beginner knitters on my website (not currently on the Etsy page):

Any Color Stripes
Easy Knitting for Kids
Kids Knitting for DollsKnitted Shawls

I also have a couple of easy crochet patterns for beginners:

Crochet ShawlsCrochet Vest"

Do you have a favorite material you work with?
"I don't have a favorite yarn. I usually look for the colors I have in mind for the new outfit I want to make and use whichever yarn has the best colors. I don't have a favorite brand of needles either."
Do you have any advice for those of us who are just beginning?

"My advice for beginner knitters is to start with the easiest to knit, which is a scarf. You can choose the width of the scarf (choose how many stitches you want to use) and knit in Garter st, which means you knit back and forth on every row. If you are knitting for a dolls, you should start with 10 or 12 sts and you can make it as long as you like. I would use fairly thick yarn and thick needles so you see your progress quickly."

Do you have a favorite outfit you like to make?
"I don't have a favorite outfit to make. I always have a project going. At the moment I am on vacation, but I have made several new outfits that I will put on the web site when I return home. I have made 2 outfits for beginners. I just finished a dress and will be starting on another dress with different design and colors."
What is your top selling Knit Pattern?

"I believe my best selling knitting outfit is "In the Pink"."

"My best selling crochet outfit is "Flower Girl"."

How many 18 inch dolls do you have?
"At the moment I have 3 American Girl dolls that I alternate using as models for the outfits."
Have you ever created patterns for other dolls?

"I have only made patterns for an 18" doll. I used to play with dolls as a child, but at that time I never thought of knitting clothes for them."

Thank you to Ase for sharing with us today about herself, her patterns and her shops. You can find her patterns on Etsy by clicking here as well as through her website and

I hope you are inspired to being your knitting journey or picking up where you last left off! There are 5 wonderful months before the up coming holiday gift giving season, this year why not give the gift of something you have made?
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  3. What a talented lady, so creative those outfits