Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Whimsy and Charm From The Edwardian Girl

There are so many things I love about the Whimsy and Charm of The Edwardian Girl Outfits. Shop owner and designer Erin does a wonderful job capturing the essence of historical doll outfits in her work.
Erin is an artist who loves the past and connects her love of the past with sewing these delightful outfits for 18 inch dolls.
I interviewed Erin recently about her work and I am thrilled to share her answers with all of you.

Do you create your own patterns or use commercial patterns? 
"A little of both. The Maddie Astor dress (shown above)  was drafted by me."

What is your favorite time period to create for?
" Victorian and Edwardian. I have some fun with the 40's."
 My own most favorite dress Erin makes is this Pilgrim Doll Dress, I asked Erin what her favorite dress to make thus far has been...
" I'm really not sure. I enjoy making a lot of them and haven't had any that are favorites yet. On occasion I have a tough time parting with outfits I make, I started making at least two of each kind so if it's a favorite I can keep one."
So what can we look forward to in your Fall Collection? 

  "I'm  working on making  some Titanic era doll dresses as well as doll dresses of Civil War heroines such as Clara Barton, Harriet Tubman, and others."

You have had Rebecca for a while now any chance you will be adding more dolls to your collection anytime soon?

"I bought Rebecca shortly after she came out. I thought she was a pretty doll. Truth be told I had always wanted the Samantha doll but she was always too expensive then they discontinued her. I will be adding three new doll models to my collection, actually Molly, Marie-Grace and Cecile are being shipped to me as we speak!"

Thank you to Erin for sharing with us today and we look forward to seeing your fall fashions and new doll models!
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  1. Beautiful fashions and doll models!! I love them