Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Disney Dreaming...Some great Disney Inspired Etsy finds for 18 inch Dolls

Have you ever been to Disney Land or Disney World? Are you a big Disney Fan? Growing up I so enjoyed our Sunday night Disney Specials on Channel 3, now that is dating myself isn't it. Well Disney is more popular today then ever and some very fun items for our 18 inch dolls can be found on Etsy.

Stacey Morgan Studio's Etsy Shop overs this Disney inspired Dolly breakfast. Click here for shop and listing.
I loved this Disney Breakfast I found on my Etsy Search take a look at the above photo from Stacey Morgan  Studio's Etsy Shop, such a great piece to add to your dolls food collection. Click here for shop and listing.

Her shop has so many wonderful Disney Inspired Dolly items I could do an entire post just about her shop be sure to click here to view her amazing creations.
My dear friend over at My Girl Clothing Co has a fun and fantastic Sleeping Beauty Outfit for the 18 inch dolls just click on over to her shop by clicking here to see her take on this Disney Classic.

Her Cinderella outfit can be viewed by clicking here 

 Can't Decide? How about this fun listing get 6 dresses of your choice for $55 from Wkvintageandresale click here to see her listing for custom made peasant style dresses for your 18 inch dolls.
How about a dolly and me inspired set like the one offered by Magnolia Sewings Etsy Shop my nieces would love this and I am sure your little doll lovers would too!

Twp outfits in one check out this reversible set from Off The Hook by Laura's Etsy Shop by Clicking here offered at $14, this set is a really great idea!
Finally today what Disney Post would be complete with out the Quintessential Mickey Mouse Ears Hat! This fun Crochet Set from Koreakids Etsy Shop by Amy Sun in Arizona is on the top of my list! Click here to see her shop and listing

I hope you have a truly magical day!
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  1. What a fun post!! Karen, I literally clicked on this post after searching for flights for my family's next trip to WDW! Such a fun surprise. That Disney themed food is so tempting!

    A few years back Disney used to make doll outfits that would fit AG (except for the shoes). We have a Belle costume and a Minnie Mouse/tourist outfit. I'm now wishing we'd bought more. Now I have to try my hand at sewing a Sofia the FIrst outfit -- wish me luck!

  2. Oh Sue, when you get Sofia the First done please send me photos my nieces just love her!

  3. This is so funny I was just talking about disneyland thanks Karen