Monday, July 8, 2013

Fold Able Fun From Foldable.Me

In the mail delivered by Royal Mail ( I love getting mail from the UK!) today I got the most fun little 3D dolls! These fun and fully customizable dolls can be ordered through
These cardboard 3D dolls can be made to look like your own 18inch doll like I did for My American Girl Dolls Ivy and Ruthie, or made to look like anyone you know!
These little 3D dolls make great gifts, you can even put small trinkets or party favors inside the head of the box. Pony Tail Holders, doll jewelery and candy fit nicely inside the dolls square heads. Foldable.Me's fit beautifully inside tea cups and would make a unique tea party or doll party take away gift!

 These little dolls come together really easy and can be assembled in under 3 minutes, with out tape, scissors or glue. I highly recommend these customizable dolls, they earn the Karen Mom of Three Stamp of approval!
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  1. Those paper dolls look so fun! And what a great way to help girls think how shapes go from 2D to 3D -- a math lesson as well as a fun plaything! Oh, and I have to mention that I love seeing the Columbus AG tee on the doll in the fabulous bucket hat. ;-) Did you make the hat or do you have an etsy source for that?