Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy July 4th! A Molly Book Review By Valerie!

 Today one of our young readers Valerie shares her thoughts on the Molly Book Series. We are so sad to hear that Molly is Retiring but her books and legacy will be there for years to come for all of us.

Here is Valerie's Answers to our Molly Book interview...
What is your favorite Molly Book?
My favorite Molly book is the first one, “Meet Molly”.
Meet Molly is one of 16 Molly books offered by American Girl Click here for online listing.

What is it about Molly that makes her so fun to read about?
I love her personality. Molly is fun and tough.

What do you think Molly would be like as a friend?
I think she would be a very good, fun and trustworthy friend.

What Molly books have you read?
I have read the 6-set of Molly books and “The Light in the Cellar”.
Click here for American Girl's listing of this Award Winning Mystery

What Molly book do you think a girl should start with and why?
I think she should start with “Meet Molly” because it’s the first book and it talks about how everything starts.
 Thank you to Valerie for her answers and to her mom Cindy for sending along these fun Molly photos!
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I hope you enjoy your holiday and look forward to sharing more ideas and dolly news with you tomorrow.
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  1. Thank you Karen!! We forgot to add that she has also read "Brave Emily". :)