Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sewing For Bitty Baby

I recently did a swap outfit for Bitty Baby in my Adventures in American Girl Swaps on Swap Bot and for this swap I made a flannel dress and diaper for my partner Skippy's Mom's New Bitty Baby.
Not having sewn much for Bitty Baby I was thrilled to try out a pattern from a book I got for Christmas in 2010, Joan Hinds book All Dolled Up.
While the book has some great patterns it is not a sew step by step book like the patterns I am use to with Liberty Jane Patterns but I still managed to make the dress and was pretty happy with the way it turned out!
For the Diaper I actually made my own pattern and used Felt from the Dollar Store to line the diaper and did the outside cover in the same flannel as the dress. I sewed Velcro Dots in place at the sides and the diaper was complete. I still need to work on my pattern a bit and sewing the sticky velcro dots did a number on my machines needle but with some re working I think I can make a few of these as Christmas gifts for my nieces bitty baby dolls.

Currently on Pixie Faire by Liberty Jane you can find two Bitty Patterns from one of my favorite designers 123 Mulberry Street and I know you will love these patterns. I have both of these patterns and they are so easy to follow and make even for "new to sewing" sewers! These outfits make great gifts for any doll lover. The best part is if you start sewing now for the up coming holiday season you will be amazed at how much easier sewing for dolls becomes and how many great gifts you can make. I started out by using materials I had on hand to practice, like my children's out grown clothing. You can also pick up in expensive material and start with that.

I would love to hear from those of you how sew for Bitty Baby and the twins, what patterns do you use? Any luck with Simplicity Patterns? If you know some great sewing patterns, knit or crochet, share your link with me so I can share with all of my readers and lets start sewing together items for the Bitties Too!
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  1. I've sewn a few things for the Bitty Twins, mostly using Simplicity #1952.

    Here are the flannel pjs: and here are the fleece pjs: They're okay, but nothing to write home about in terms of style.

    I've knitted quite a bit for them and actually designed an easy, seamless sweater that I've shared for free on my blog here:

    I bought a knit hoodie pattern that I like a lot, but it's a bit more of a snug fit. You can see it here: and here:

    Lastly, the romper that I knit (from a purchased pattern) is probably one of my favorites: I knit it in the camo yarn, too, and it's really cute.