Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Madelon's Fun Finds for Saige

Madelon has been finding some wonderful items for her Saige doll an today shares with us some of her fun finds.
"I have been looking at baby skirts with detail to remake into skirts for Saige and other 18 inch dolls. This skirt has three tiers. The turquoise color matches Saige's hair beautifully! I liked the small waistband the manufacturer put into the original skirt, so one tip would be to look at the size of the waistband on your garment. Another tip would be to look at the size of the embellishments on your fabric. The gold dots and ruffles are the right size for Saige."
":All I did was put the skirt on the doll and pinned it where the skirt became too big on the doll. Look for the seam line where the manufacturer sewed it together and try to use that as one of your seams down the back. Once it was cut I cut off another piece leaving enough room for the two sides to overlap. I used velcro to close it"

Madelon also used a patch with a simple AG dress to create this Sagie themed outfit
 "I purchased an iron on appliqué set because I really liked the decorative boots. Originally, this craft was going to be used for a nightgown, but I think that the finished product could be either a dress or a nightgown.This dress/sleep dress was purchased at AG a while back at a sale."

Re-purpose and Reuse! Take a look at this fun skirt!
"I found this tiered corduroy skirt in my collection. It has no labels, but it may have been Build A Bear. I treated it as a wrap skirt adding Velcro closures in two places."

Remember to keep your eyes out for for items you can reuse and re purpose for your dolls like Madelon does!
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