Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Visit With The Mini Giggle Gear Etsy Shop Team

Today I wanted to share with you a behind the scenes look at the shop of mother daughter team at the Etsy Shop Mini Giggle Gear. They have kindly shared a bit about themselves, their design journey and their shop I hope you will enjoy! If you are someone who crochet's you are going to want to try these patterns and if you are like me I hope you will be as inspired to take up crochet as I am!

"Mini Giggle Gear is a mother / daughter team. My teenage daughter took an early interest in crafting, specifically, sewing and crocheting. She began creating items for her American Girl doll. Then, she made gifts for her friends and cousins. After years of practicing her skills, together we opened an Etsy store named Mini Giggle Gear. It is so fun to spend time together as we are developing our new products. We do a lot of GIGGLING!"

When did you start creating items for 18 inch dolls?
"We began creating items for 18 inch dolls when my daughter got Josefina for her 9th birthday"

Which dolls do you have?
"We have Josefina and 2 My American Girl Dolls. (We also have 5 extra wigs to change the look of our dolls.)"

What is your favorite thing to make?
"Our favorite item to make is pdf patterns. It is exciting to publish a pattern and receive photos from our customers with their finished projects and feedback. We will be releasing 2 new patterns for our Fall collection in the next few weeks. Patterns will include a crochet Chevron Dress and crochet doll boots with a bow. The Chevron Dress was made for our Mini Sweater Boot photo shoot. A customer requested the dress be made into a crochet pattern. We were happy to oblige!"

What is your favorite pattern?
"My favorite pattern is the Bow Boot pattern that we will be releasing in a few weeks. We just posted a sneak peek of the new boots here above and  on our facebook page. We are very happy with how the boots turned out. The bow hides the closure at the side of the boots. Who doesn't love bows?"

What is your best selling item?
"Our best selling item is the Mini Sweater Boots. We sell both the boots and the pdf crochet pattern for making the boots. We have a listing in our shop where the buyer can customize their boots from 17 different color choices! The most popular color combination is heather grey boots with black soles and buttons"

What motivates you to create for dolls and girls?
"We love to create items for dolls because we enjoy the entire process... from research and development to the photo shoot. Sometimes the photo shoot is the best part! Dolls fall over, wigs fall off, hairs are out of place and we just end up laughing! But, that is part of the fun!"

You Can Visit Mini Giggle Gear and like them on Facebook by clicking here

"We also have a Ravelry shop "

Thank you so much to Mini Giggle Gear for sharing with us about their shop, motivation and dolls!
I know I am inspired and I hope you are too!
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