Saturday, August 3, 2013


Madelon shares with us an important tip today!
"I was so upset last week when I took a pair of black fabric sandals off the doll and found her feet to be permanently stained. I believe this sandal came from a Journey Girl outfit I bought at Toys r Us. You may have noticed that I do a lot of photos with the dolls shoeless."

 "I am told by Diana who regularly contributes to Doll Diaries to pretest by soaking in water first. She also told me that red and black colors are common stainers. I have a few pair of black boots that I will somehow test. She is graciously and painstakingly destaining  Nicki right now and I am so grateful. My point is if you are crafting with unknown fabric beware that it may not be colorfast. If it was a skirt you or your child wore, I wouldn't expect the color to transfer on to the vinyl skin. I soaked a small piece of denim last night and it is still colorfast. It can be used for my next project. I will be ordering the Twin Pines product to restore our American Girl."
 Thank you to Madelon and Diana for letting us know about this important tip. Remember to change your dolls clothing often and check for staining as Madelon did today!
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  1. Thank you for sharing this tip. Now I think I know where my Felicity's stain on the toe would come from (I bought her used on Ebay)... even with Oxy, it doesn't go away (I think it's partly because here in Quebec we can't get the strong one like in the US, there is not enough peroxyde in it).

    I've had a bad experience with a pretty dark red dress I made for Felicity this winter. When I took it off her, there were red stains on her arms where the elastic sleeve cuffs were... It doesn't show so much now, but I know I won't make the dolls wear this dress on an extended period of time! And next time I use red or black or any darker fabric, I'll make sure it's pre-washed!

  2. That is a great tip too, I had never thought of that Sophie!

  3. I have purchased several Journey Girl outfits and have found that many of the clothes or shoes which are black have stained my dolls. One of my dolls got a stain across her forehead from a beret but luckily Toys R Us exchanged the doll for me. I now only let the dolls wear any black clothes I have for a very short time and am not buying any more Journey Girl outfits with black in them.
    I don't own that many Springfield outfits but the few dark coloured ones I have don't seem to stain, so far!