Thursday, August 8, 2013

Knit A Sweater For Your Dolls In A Weekend!

I did it, I really did it, I completed Knitting my second and now third doll sweater with this wonderful and FREE Pattern from Doll Tag Designs.
This is a fantastic and easy to follow pattern. I have had ONE knitting lesson in my life and only practiced off and on over the last 4 years. I was amazed at how quickly this pattern came together.
I started on a Friday, Knitting under my favorite tree in the yard, took breaks for tea and a mystery. Thankfully I had tea and  Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies to keep me company.
I knit for a few hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I was so proud of myself. There are lots of mistakes in my sweater for sure but I really learned from them.
My niece was visiting from the Island and very kindly posed with my Australian Girl Doll Emily  for those of you who have these wonderful Australian Dolls this pattern for simple sweaters will also fit your dolls!
When I was finished knitting the sweater for the 18 inch dolls, I wanted to try the same method for the mini dolls and I think I had great sucess! I played around with the measurements a bit but I am pleased with how it turned out!
I think that if I can knit these sweaters you can too, now is the perfect time to pick up your needles and give these easy sweaters a try!
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  1. You did a wonderful job! Your knitting is coming along so well!

    You should give us the instructions on how you did the mini doll sweater... would love to do a few small ones!

  2. I will as soon as I make another one and count my work! I was not paying too much attention while I did it!