Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Had A Tea Party Yesterday!

Yesterday I had a Steeped Tea Party at my home. Tea is a large part of my daily routine and this new home based sales company has some of the best loose leaf tea I have ever tasted!

 My nieces Laura and Thea (shown above) came too and set up their own dolly tea party outside, beside where we adults were having our tea party. As you can see Thea loves my tea cart from The Queen's Treasures.

Steeped Tea has the most adorable little tea set for sale that is so darling! I have to add this to my collection!
Steeped is now in the USA!!! If you would like more information on hosting your own party with in Canada or the USA click here to view their website.
I have a wonderful time at my tea party and I know my nieces did too. So get a few of your Mom Friends together with their Daughters and Dolls! (or borrow your nieces as I did) and spend a fun afternoon enjoying wonderful teas and each other's company!
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  1. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Love that the little one got into it too. Would love to have been there.