Friday, August 30, 2013

New Realses From AG...Any thoughts?

Well I have not gotten the catalog yet but I have seen enough photos on line to get an idea of the new releases. Mine will be a different catalog then yours as I am in Canada.
I am astounded to see the re branding and huge jump in the cost of the Bitty Baby Line. As a parent I am horrified at the cost increase. I have not heard a justification for the increase and that doesn't sit well with me.
The above is the $180 Deluxe Set offered by American Girl. There are 11 new bitty babies I can see on the website.

As a doll lover and collector I would love to see dolls accessible to every girl and increasing the cost of Bitty Baby doesn't make access to these dolls easy. I am however still a huge fan of bitty baby and thanking my lucky stars that I lucked in to mine for $2.

The 18 inch dolls have realistic hair and a much larger range of products designed to enhance play. I am not seeing that in the Bitty Line. So would I pay $80 for a baby when I could bay $110 and get a doll that she will play with much longer???? My money is on the 18 inch doll. When the Bitty Baby's were priced less we bought both. Now I can not say imagine to many of us would buy both at the same time.

That being said I am excited to see some of the new arrivals for fall. Such as the new doll shown above. I think she is stunning!
I love the new pj's and slippers!
 My favorite has to be the new spa chair! I love this set offered at $110...though would you rather have this or a new doll? The price of this new item will make any doll lover think twice about what she really wants!
I think this is well designed for maximum play potential.

I was pleasantly surprised with this play set from AG. I also think that is is priced fairly. Not only does this set offer great play potential but dolls can wear the hat and the mits! This set gets the Karen Mom of Three Stamp of Aproval. This set is on my realistic wish list!
I would love to know what you all think. As parents how does this affect your purchasing abilities? As doll collectors do you see any value in the new releases? As doll lovers what is on your must have list? As girls what is on your wish list?
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  1. I agree with you on pretty much everything. Increasing the cost of Bitty Baby by more than 50% of the original price is not a good move. I personally never cared for the looks of Bitty Baby, so we wouldn't have bought one anyway. BUT I'm beginning to wonder if the Twins will be "redesigned" and repriced next ... And then the Girls. I understand that everything has gone up in price (including their materials costs), but that's too much of a price jump, IMO.

    I still love AG (especially the Twins and Girls), but I can't say that I'm a fan of the "money, money, money" mindset that appears to be coming from the company lately.

    Oh, and I'd definitely buy another doll over the salon chair, neat as it is! :)