Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cute Lolly Pops I ordered from Etsy take a look!

 Take a look at these fun and colorful doll sized treats from

I ordered the most adorable doll sized lolly pops from a shop called  ChelseaAlexisJordan
These doll sized treats are priced at a very reasonable $1.25 each! So I ordered 6, what is a girl to do when she has so many young nieces who love their American Girl Dolls?
Okay so it may be really tough to let these go but I do intend to give each of my nieces one. Each of these lolly pops came beautifully packaged and with a clear elastic to help each doll hold her own lolly pop.

With Halloween not to far away these are a great addition to any doll play collection.
ChelseaAlexisJordan 's shop also sells some other really fun items for dolls and girls

Who doesn't love Hot Dogs?

Howe about a burger and fries? 
doll sized brownies

Celery and Peanut butter! 
How about Baccon and Egg!
I love these doughnuts!
She also does really fun jewelry too!

Breyanne who is the shop owner of named her shop after her three daughters. She has been a long time ebay seller and recently discovered Etsy.
Breyanne makes wonderful hairbows, tutu's and headbands and recently discovered how much fun polymer clay food can be! I am thrilled she is sharing her talent and her creations on Etsy.
Her very lucky daughters are also huge fans of American Girl Dolls and love moms newest crafts. These lucky girls get to keep all "rough" drafts of moms creations and add to their doll play collection.

I hope you will visit  Breyanne's shop at ChelseaAlexiasJordan and check out the sweet treats she has in store!
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