Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Please Welcome My newest Doll Emily an Austrailan Girl Doll

Did you know that Australia has their own dolls that represent Australian girls? I was so pleased to find out about these dolls from a fellow blogger "Britts" of She has a fantastic blog and is an amazing photographer as well as a young lady who loves these dolls. Tomorrow I will bring you my interview with her!

Helen Schofield is the creator of Australian Girl Dolls. Helen Schofield could not find quality dolls for her own granddaughters that weren’t either babies or teenagers. She searched many stores and websites but could not  find dolls similar to what she wanted. She was looking for a doll like she had seen was available to girls in other countries and that especially identified with Australian girls. Sadly there was no such doll on the market in Australia.
  As you can see Australian Girls love their dolls as much as we do!

The Australian Girl dolls have only been available since 2008. There are 5 in total with the newest doll Matilda (second from the left in the group doll photo)  recently introduced. Each doll has a unique look and personality.  As well as a back story that connects them all as friends. The website is very user friendly and full of information on the company, the dolls and the products that are sold by Australian Girl. As I live in Canada you may be wondering how I was able to order one of these dolls. It was very simple, I emailed the company and the Australian Girl company made it very simple for me to have Emily shipped here to me in Canada. The secure online store accepts overseas orders and automatically deducts the Australian tax for overseas customers.
These dolls are available in stores around Australia as well as online. So if you, like me, have fallen in love with the Australian Girl dolls I recommend ordering one today. Especially if you are considering them for the holiday gift giving season and you do not live in Australia. In order to have the dolls in time for Christmas they have to leave Australia by the end of November. So keep that in mind to so as to avoid disappointment!
I will be sharing more about these wonderful dolls in the coming days and hope you will visit The Australian Girl website 
and fall in love with these beautiful dolls. As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at


  1. Do they have eyes that open and shut? Do they fit AG clothes? What is the cost in US dollars, approx? Can you take a picture with an AG doll next to her so we can see how she looks in comparison?

    The doll is cute. I love the new Maplelea doll, Saila, and have her on my list. Maybe an Aussie girl should join my gang too.

  2. @Catherine yes! I have Matilda (The orange-haired one) and she is my look-alike! I am getting the re-designed Amy for Xmas! Your Emily looks very glad to be in Canada!