Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Costumes from Aunty Bee's Old Sew N Sew on Etsy

I love finding talented people who make amazing doll play items and I love the costumes available from Aunt Bees sew N sew 

Here Cat in the Hat costume is adorable

If my mother were still alive she would have loved this one  Cow's were her absolute favorite!
I love the detail of the udders!

If you have a giraffe lover how about this one
Aunty Bee's Etsy shop has wonderful doll play clothes and costumes for year round Doll Play, 

If you have a Wizard loving doll, Aunt Bee makes very affordable Wizard costumes starting at $13.00

I love Chef hat only $7.00 
Bee is offering my readers a coupon code,
                       The coupon code will be "Halloween" and will give a discount of 10%.
I love to have costumes on hand year round for my nieces to play with, personally a Christmas tea party in  August is always a wonderful time had by all, or Halloween in March with your dolls is also a fun snow day activity. 
An investment in quality made doll play items will pay for it's self over time. 
I hope that you will take time to visit Aunt Bees sew N sew and other great shops on Etsy. Finding  and Buying quality made doll play items to share with you is one of my favorite pass times.
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