Thursday, October 20, 2011

Clothing for the 6 inch dolls! A great pattern for more doll play possiblities!

Jen of Created4Fun has truly lived up to her name. I bought this fantastic pattern from her on Etsy tailor made for the 6 inch or 6.5 inch American Girl Dolls!

This past summer I picked up my first 6 inch doll from the American Girl Doll store in Seattle after reading reviews on them from parents who said they loved that their daughters could take them just about anywhere and they were as well made as the larger dolls.
I bought Rebecca as I really wanted to buy her in a larger version but could not find the extra money to purchase the 18 inch version.
I was thrilled with the $22 doll I bought. I wished they had clothes to go with them and then I stumbled upon Jen's pattern and now the opportunities are endless!
I was also thrilled to find that the dolls are available on for sometimes under $15! Now I could afford to purchase a new little friend for Rebecca, but before I do that I wanted to make her a wardrobe of her own!

I cut out the pattern pieces and then used some of the quilting cotton squares I had that have very small flowers and prints. I cut out 8 dresses to start with and was thrilled with how easy they were to make.
The pattern included A Victorian Style Dress, Colonial Style Dress, 1930's style dress and nightgown. It also included pants, shorts and capri's as well as a shirt and tank tops.

I have had fun creating these dresses and outfits for these very cost effective dolls. They would make great Christmas gifts especially now with a pattern available to create many fun outfits in time for the holiday gift giving season. The new mini dolls and their holiday dresses for this years 25 anniversary.

Jen is a busy mom of 4 who home schools her children and tells me
her older daughter "was really interested in all things American Girl starting when she was 3 years old, and she had a selection of mini dolls as well as one 18" Kit doll by the time she was 5 (she is now 11).  The problem arose when she wanted to dress and redress the mini dolls and all she had was the meet outfits they came in.  So I started playing around with making patterns, and after several trials and many errors - here are the fitting results.  I have two daughters who just adore American Girl products, and were thrilled to be able to have a seemingly endless wardrobe for the mini dolls as well as their 18" dolls.  Both of the girls have enjoyed dressing like their dolls, and my younger daughter still does.  So I have created patterns for the 18" dolls to match my daughters clothes as well."
  Jen is also a very busy lady
as  mentioned, she home school's her  three younger ones (ages 11, 8 and 7), and also teaches some classes at "our parent partnership.  Two of those classes are History with American Girl book clubs.  We read AG books and discuss the historic facts and talk about the difference between then and now.  It is so much fun, and I really have a passion for making learning fun for kids"
So if your 6.5 inch dolls could use an up dated wardrobe, take a look at Jen's shop  
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  1. This is a great pattern! If people don't sew, Vee's Victorian Doll Clothes has dresses ready made. They also have some cute shoes and socks.

      We also carry them and have found these little dolls moving up in popularity. We ship to Canada, US and UK

  2. So cute! We also have mini outfits for 6 inch dolls at
    Love this blog!