Friday, October 7, 2011

A fun fall read! The Rainbow Necklace Australian Girl Novel

I just finished reading the first Australian Girl novel published by Wombat Books. It’s a  ten chapter fun adventure story. The Rainbow Necklace by Jacqueline Larsen,  explains how all the Australian Girl Doll Characters  Matilda, Emily, Amy, Belle and Jasmine meet, go on an adventure of a life time and forge a strong friendship.  

I got so caught up in the magic of this book that I read it cover to cover and could not put it down!
This novel is one girls everywhere will enjoy. The best part is this is the first book so I am hoping that there will be more adventures to come! I loved how the story takes the girls on an historical adventure that teaches the reader what Australia was like in the 1930's.

 Be sure to check out the Australian Girl Doll website for more exciting news and information! As well you can join the new Australian Girl (TM ) club on the website so you can keep up to date on all the wonderful happenings from Australian Girl!
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  1. I would get one of these except I can't see which one is supposed to be the aboriginal girl. Those people are , obviously, the original Australians and their look is very unique with dark skin and curly blondish hair. That would make for a great doll. But, unfortunately, the makers didn't think so. So I'll pass on this one,

    Marie in CA,