Sunday, October 30, 2011

Set a holiday table for your dolls with Napkin Sets from Sprinkle and Sparkle

I found this fun Etsy shop that sells table cloths and napkin sets for American Girl dolls perfect for every holiday season and I have to share it with you!
Sprinkle and Sparkle offers a wonderful selection of holiday tableware that will add to your doll play collection for more then one holiday!

These sets are perfect for the round table sets from American Girl.
Priced from $12 to $20 for the larger sets these are a great investment.
I love this set which comes with 6, 2 of each design and a matching orange table cloth that will fit nicely with each theme.
One of my favorite sets has a fourth of July set, Pick nick/ cowboy set and Christmas Set
A solid red table cloth is included in this set for lots of doll play use!
how about a birthday, foot ball and every day use set!
 Solid green table cloth included with this set. All the table cloths included in these sets fit the round table from American Girl but would also work on most round "tables" made from stools at craft stores. 

Thinking a head to the holiday season these sets are just darling and would really help to dress up the dolls holiday table. 
Each napkin, ring and table cloth is hand made and made from 100% cotton fabric. 
I had to ask how this Etsy shop got started and it turns out that it all started because of the shop owners Grandchildren. Kit was the first Doll her Granddaughter had. Kit's round table didn't look complete so this is were this genius Grandmother came up with her  tablecloths which  started with napkins and napkin rings. Her grandaughters love to change the tablecloths out for the different Holidays and occasions. I know you will too!

Note: Napkin rings choking hazard so the should not be given for use in doll play to a child under 4.

This lucky Grandmother and shop owner has 4 American Girl dolls Jess,Kit,Emily,Ruthie and enjoys going to the American Girl doll stores with her Granddaughters. I hope that you will stop by Sprinkle and Sparkle and see the adorable sets perfect for doll play.
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