Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stylish Attention to detail from Mini Me Dolly Divas a Great Etsy shop  is a shop worth visiting! I found this great Etsy site that offers serious style for your doll! Prices starting at $5 make this shop worth checking often.
 I loved this set of hat and bag a great deal at $5.00 for both, I loved the pattern and the photography in this shop is also worth noting.
Great uses of mixed patterns and styles that reflect the most modern fashion I love these doll jeans take a look at the pocket detail.
The rhinestones on the pocket of these shiny black jeans are really over the top!
I love it when I find doll outfits that I know I would love to wear if only they came in my size!

I had to know more about this shop and the lady behind these fun designs. Shop owner and designer Dacia  sewing interest and  hobby started early in her family, surrounded by some truly talented women  who inspired her  Dacia tells me "I have always been around women who sewed. My dads mother is amazingly talented. When I was young she made sock dolls and sold them in my grandfathers restaurant. Such pretty dolls and all the granddaughters would get one for Easter and Christmas each year. Every summer we would go to visit her and she would help my sister and I sew clothes for our barbie dolls. I remember feeling so grown at like 7 years old sitting in front of that old singer making barbie capes and matching ball gowns.My Mom is also very talented at sewing, and has helped me along here and there over the years .Most of my sewing as a young girl was with a needle and thread just repairing my stuffed animals. I still have the teddy bear my grandmother gave me when I was born, and I can see the stitches I made as a little girl putting and ear on and across his back when I decided he needed new stuffing."

When did sewing become really important to you?
 "Early Highschool when we just all of a sudden did not have the money to buy new clothes. I started shopping thift stores for retro dresses and jackets that I would take home, tear apart and remake into retro hip new clothes! ( I thought I looked amazing) and honestly I was better dressed than most."

Did you take sewing in school?
"My first sewing class came when the oil painting class I had wanted to take in school would not fit in my scheduled with the classes I had to have. So they put me in pottery. I had taken pottery before, and just didn't like it. I found it messy and just not my thing. I went to talk to the Councillor to get out of pottery and was offered child care. As soon as she mentioned child care I had a vivid mental picture of the noise coming from that room as I passed it in the hall and actually suggested "do I need another math?" (never liked math but still better than the noise) She could tell by the look in my eyes the options in front of me sounded horrible and did her magic and looks up and says "what about sewing?" my eyes lit up, and I said YES!Before this class I have never sewed with a pattern. My mom took me shopping for everything I would need, and I stayed up that night reading my pattern. After two weeks in this class I had a perfect pair of overalls, in funky phycadelic pattern that looked amazing. My teacher was amazed , and honestly I was too, but I was hooked and was using all my extra money buying patterns and making myself dresses."
So you have been sewing now for quite some time. Sewing for your young daughter must have been fun.
." She then had more dresses than made sense and was way overdresses for our small town school but she always felt pretty, and I loved making clothes for her. Plus she was so long and skinny it was near impossible to buy for her. When she got to old to wear mom's dresses I switched to sewing for her dolls!"

Have you always been a doll person?
"I have always been into dolls. My favorites growing up had to be Barbie, but I also loved my cabbage patch dolls, and My Friend Jenny. ( I wonder if anyone remembers Jenny?)"

 Do you collect any other dolls?
"I have collected barbie as an adult since 1994. I have every Holiday barbie since then and a variety of others. My favorites are the My Fair lady dolls."

How did you get into American Girl dolls?
"My daughter had always wanted an American girl doll, but I insisted if she wanted one she needed to save her money and buy it herself so that she would understand the value of a doll like that and take care of her. It took her 7 months to save and buy Julie. I took her to the doll store and I was as dazzled by the store as she was. It just seemed to sparkle and everything was so pretty ! Needless to say for this doll lover it was love at first sight, and my daughter now owns 6 dolls that she shares with me. We have Julie, Lannie, Rebecca, Felicity, Elizabeth, and Rebecca."

I hope you will check out Dacia's shop and see for yourself the wonderfully stylish outfits for your little diva! 

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