Sunday, October 9, 2011

Create an extra special tea time with items from Miniare Doll Cafe Gallery

I came across this wonderful Etsy shop called Miniare Doll Cafe Gallery 
I fell in love with the tea set shown above. The attention to detail and attractive colors in each and every item made by Carolyn would make a fantastic addition to any doll play collection. Her reasonable prices are also one of the reasons I was so attracted to her shop.
Growing up pastry's like these were a big treat and seeing them here in doll size brought back so many great memories. This set includes two and are listed at a very reasonable $4.00!
This time of year Carmel apples are a wonderful treat and this is a perfect replica for our dolls.
A fun and popular new treat in coffee shops these days  are "cake pops" 

take a look at these perfect cupcake cake pops for our dolls only $2 each! Such a deal!
My favorite snack of all time has to be s'mores. At home we make our own s'more treats to eat after school by putting them in the microwave, 20 seconds to oooy gooey fun!  Now your doll can join in the fun.

Having just finished taking cake decorating classes myself, I was so drawn to this cupcake, I love how perfect the petals are and it makes me want to go make some people sized ones for myself. I have always loved Yellow Roses!
I had to find out more about
so I asked Carolyn about her shop and how she got started.Here is what she shared with me.

"I love dolls and the process of creating. I am a fine art painter, photographer, paper maker and potter. I had a 15 inch doll named Suzie who literally traveled the world with me in my younger days. I still have the beautiful doll clothes my grandmothers sewed for me and my sister with Suzie in a trunk.

I started in miniatures a few years ago. I am the caregiver of a 6' antique dollhouse that was built for Christmas for my maternal grandmother who lived in Philadelphia, then was given to my Mother when she was 6. I started making 1:12 miniatures several years ago for my Mother to fill the kitchen which has a Christmas theme. I just started making larger scales in polymer clay last fall for the girls in my family who have AG dolls."
What are your favorite things to make?
"I  love to make miniature pastries from many countries."
Do you have any American Girl Dolls?
"I own one AG doll, a Josefina doll that I purchased for my one of my nieces and will give to her for her birthday. I will buy another for myself sometime soon...maybe the holidays."
Carolyn shared a little bit about her home life as well.
"I am the caregiver for my elderly Mother who is 91. My wonderful son is a musician but he is also deaf. My husband is a goldsmith and certified jeweler."
What can we look forward to in your shop next?
"I have so many ideas brewing for new items...I had better get back to work! "

I hope you will visit Carolyn's shop Miniare Fine Art and Miniatures
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