Thursday, October 6, 2011

Meet Britts of Australian Girl Fan Club

 The above photo of Emily was taken by Britts who runs a very popular and fun website  called
I found out about Australian girl dolls  from Britts etsy shop . Her ideas on her website are fantastic and she really has some wonderful photography too.
The way Britts shares her ideas with others so they can enjoy their dolls made me want to interview her and share with you more about the Australian Girl dolls and Britt’s work.
With the time difference our interview was done over email and I would like to share Britts answers with you.

When did you find out about Australian Girl dolls?  
I really can’t remember. I think I saw them in a shop soon after they were released and thought they were really cute. I talked about them from time to time, but it wasn’t until around October 2009 that I really got into them. I asked for Emily (or an ipod ;D) for my 13th birthday, but I didn’t get her, so I just gave up on ever getting her for a while. I knew I had to get a Doll just after Christmas 2009 when my friends Josie and Mandy got a Matilda to share. As soon as I saw her I knew I had to get a doll! Finally in May 2010 I had enough for a doll, so I chose Amy. I told my self that I only needed one doll, but three months later I was saving again!
How many dolls do you have? 
 I currently have 3 Australian Girl Dolls, plus I’m awaiting the arrival of a PM Felicity I’ve ordered. I’m also hoping to get Matilda for my 15th birthday in October.
Which ones?
My first doll was Amy, I got her May 2010, and I named her Amy-Jayne Victoria Kenna. Next, in September, I bought Emily, who I renamed (Gwen) Rose Bethany Tyler (she goes by Rose).  I also have Jasmine, she arrived on the 25th of December.
Do you have a favorite?  
Oh, easily Amy. She looks a lot like me, she loves the same things as me, and she a beautiful doll!

What do you like most about the dolls? 
 So many things! I love how they are uniquely Australian, just like me. I also love how they encourage girls to be girls, and enjoy childhood while it lasts.
Do you have any of the accessories?
I have: The Vest Set, The Riding Set, The Sports Set, the first version of The Everyday Skirt Set, the white Sneaker Set, the Pink Casual Flats (shoes), the White Classic Flats, two hairbrushes, plus various bits and pieces that Australian Girl has sent me to ‘test’.
Where did you buy your dolls?  
Amy and Rose came from a small shop Called Nitti-Gritti, they have a small selection of dolls and accessories. Jasmine came from Toy World. I have yet to Order a doll from the online store!
How long have you had your blog?
Just over a year now!
What made you start one and the Australian Girl Doll Fan club?
I saw so many websites about American Girl Dolls and other doll brands, but none for Australian Girl. One day I thought I’d just set one up. It has certainly become more than I ever imagined!
What do you wish Australian Girl Dolls had?  
As a dancer I would love to see a ballet outfit or at least some dance shoes and tights.
What do you like to make for them?
Well, at the moment my dad and I are making two sets of bunks for my dolls. Dad is a carpenter, so I love building things with him out in the shed. 

What can we look forward to on your blog?
Lots of Photos, tutorials, and even a movie from time to time!

I first got into photography about 4 years ago maybe? Back then I didn’t have any dolls, so I just to pictures of anything I could. When I got Amy-Jayne I just added her to my subjects!

I also dance, which ties into my doll play, too. All of my dolls do Irish dance, just like me!
I hope you will take a look at all the wonderful ideas Britts has on her blog and take a look at her Photography in her Etsy shop.

I look forward to sharing more about Australian Girl Dolls with you tomorrow.
As with all my posts I look forward to hearing from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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