Sunday, October 2, 2011

My first Emily Rose purchase has arrived!

I am so excited my first Emily Rose at home outfit arrived and it is so beautiful!
I love that Emily Rose outfits come in great re-useable boxes like the American Girl Doll outfits .

Beautifully presented!

I am amazed with the attention to detail, (the spot on the photo is my lens I have scratched it!)
I am so pleased with how well made they are.

A perfect fit!
I have no problem telling you that I ordered my Emily Rose Pj's from my consultant Amy Bray, you do not have to have a party but they are sure fun! Who would not want to play with all the doll clothes and see the items first hand! Seriously try before you buy! But if you prefer to shop at home in your Pj's like I do Emily Rose at home Consultants have their own Websites you can order from and they come right to your door!
To order from Amy check out her website by clicking Amy's name here Amy Bray . If you are looking at having a party of your own or if you are looking to become an at home consultant I am sure Amy would be happy to answer any of your questions! Amy also has a great face book page at

I am so happy with my purchase and I know you will be also.
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  1. That one is cute!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE EMILY ROSE :) and the quality and affordability in their clothes and furniture

  2. I read your blog a lot. I have an American Girl and I love to see the crafts you make! I do Emily Rose with my Mom and Sister and it is so much fun!! Keep up the cute work!