Friday, October 14, 2011

Need bed and storage solutions for all your dolls? Check out this great Etsy shop!

I found this fabulous Etsy shop called  A crafters nook 
That offers stack-able bunkbeds and doll furniture with storage at extremely reasonable prices. I love the Bed and Matching beding the above set  includes.

 Even if you have need of only one doll bed I love this version with the drawer! Perfect for under bed storage only $54.50
You can also separate the beds creating this adorable set up that reminds me of cottage life!

So many combinations available in this shop weather you are looking for one or more beds or beds with matching bedding this shop has it all.
I spoke with the owners of this shop and this is what they shared with me.

"I started making the doll furniture for my wife's craft mall back in early 2000. I have made many items but my customers seem to really appreciate the doll beds. It is hard to say what our most popular item is. Many customers come back year after year to add to their collection. You can see some of the many different items I have made in pictures on this site.

 A Crafters Nook also offers adorable bird houses and feeders.
"Our newest product and one that I am very proud of is our Bird Feeder Hanger. I just introduced it this spring and have not had time to list it in all of our on line stores.
My mother showed my wife how to sew and she has been sewing the bedding and helping me make the beds since the beginning."

 I had to ask being Canadian if they shipped here to Canada...
"We have shipped to Canada but duties and taxes are extreme. Shipping cost to other countries is just to expensive."
 If you are thinking of these for the holiday season it is important to know that A Crafters Nook's busiest times are  October and November. If you wait to order Christmas gifts in December you may be disapointed!

I hope you will visit A Crafters Nook 

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