Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beautiful Dresses from The Edwardian Girl

Taking a step back from the Halloween posts for a day here. I recently came across the shop The Edwardian Girl  
I did feature this dress on my Canadian Thanksgiving Post, and wanted to share with you more of this shop.

I love the Edwardian Time period and the novels of Jane Austin. These dresses made by Erin of The Edwardian Girl are beautifully made and look fantastic on the dolls.
I love the delicate flowers and colors of this one.
The pearl button cameo is adorable on Rebecca!
Simple and traditional looks from a time long past back to life for hours of doll play fun!
This one is my favorite.
The Edwardian Girl  also offers contemporary  clothes for our dolls
I love Zebra prints especially with a splash of color, Pink being a favorite of mine.
I asked Erin how she got started sewing  for American girl and here is what she shared with me.

"I began sewing when I was eleven. It was a hot summer day and both my grandmother and myself had nothing to do. She told me to sit down as she was going to teach me how to sew. I started out making doll clothes for Barbie dolls and slim bodied dolls."
How did you find out about American girl dolls?
"I first noticed American Girl dolls when I received one of their catalogs when I was about ten. I wanted one of the dolls but couldn't afford it. Though I couldn't afford the doll I looked into making soft bodied doll clothes out of left over fabric and remnants that I had.
About a year ago I saw some patterns for doll clothes and wanted to get started again. I saved up and bought the Rebecca American girl doll. So far she's the only one I have but I've got my eyes on a few others."
What time period in history do you enjoy the most?
"I enjoy the Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian eras and have been working on making clothes from that time period"
 What is next for The Edwardian Girl?
 "I want to expand a bit into 1940's fashion and maybe a nurse doll."
Erin also takes custom orders contact her for more information. 
Thank you so much to Erin for sharing with us today her shop and insight into her sewing and historical passion! I hope you will take a look at her Etsy shop and the other wonderful outfits she has for sale there.
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