Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guest Post By Rachel Noel and Emmie for your enjoyment!

Hello there! Today, Emmie(An 18 in American Girl Doll) and I(Rachel Noel) are guest bloggers for Karen Mom Of Three Blog all the way from Emmie’s Edition Blog!( We have come today to do an interview with the marvelous Emmie with one thought in mind, Fall Fashion for dolls!

Rachel: What are the major colors for fall this year, Emmie?
Emmie: Well, I think blues, reds, oranges, and greens are huge this season! I would not recommend that you put these colors together full on in an outfit (i.e. An orange tee with orange shorts) but you could possibly get away with pairing an orange printed blouse for example, with a pair of cuffed orange shorts. Although, these colors together in a graphic tee is amazing when paired with a simple skirt or jeans.
Here are a few sellers from various places that incorporate these elements flawlessly within their Fall designs:
Liberty Jane Clothing ( or

Mrs. Fear (

123 Mulberry Street (

Sylvie and Bruno (

Valorie of the Dolls (

Rachel: Which 18 in American Girl historical doll(s) do you think has the most influence on the fall trends?
Emmie: Of course, Cecile and Marie-Grace just came out so I don’t think they’ll have too much of an influence, but I think Julie and Ivy will always make generous contributions to the way things go. With their flowy peasant dresses and knitted and crocheted scarves, a good chunk of sellers have made things inspired by them.
Here are some more sellers who create wonderful Julie and Ivy inspired garments:

Jackie’s Heart and Soul ( or

Stassy Dodge (

Hanaanah (

LavenderLore (

Rachel: What is your favorite fall garment?
Emmie: That’s very easy! I personally adore a nice pair of jeans. I love them because of their versatility and availability! Whenever you grow out of them, (Although us dolls usually don’t;) You can just cut them off at the knees and you’re ready for spring!!
Here are some great places to get in-expensive doll jeans:

Ringsalad (

Jill’s Fabric Designs (

Blue Sews (

Rachel: What’s your favorite style(s) of fall coat to wear out and about?
Emmie: I love a nice pea coat or a cape. Different colors are very suitable to wear in these styles as the fall and winter months approach! I have some very nice outerwear made by you and various others! I find that I often wear military inspired colors for outerwear, but to each his own this one.
Here are some great places to find fabulous outerwear this season:

Mama Gs This N That (

Sew Nutz 2 (

Quilt Wear (

Rachel: Well, that’s all the questions for today Emmie! Thank you so much Karen for allowing us to be the guest bloggers for today! And thank you to you guys out there reading this!
Emmie: As we mentioned at the first of the post, if you loved reading this, you’ll love our blog over at Rachel Noel is also planning to release her Fall/Winter Line soon and we’ll be keeping you guys up to date on that over at our blog as well!

That’s all for now!
Thank you Rachel Noel and Emmie!
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