Monday, October 3, 2011

Make a Felt Halloween Pumpkin Dress/Costume for your Doll

Using dollar store felt and fun foam as well as some green rick rack from Walmart, I created this easy and fun Halloween Pumpkin dress or costume.
This outfit was created with a glue gun and you could sew it if you wanted or use craft/fabric glue.
First I used two pieces of orange felt , cut out a mouth, eyes and a nose from fun foam and set aside, I also cut 4 10 inch strips of rick rack and another 10 inch piece to decorate the top which is optional.
First I pinched and folded the felt in on both sides of the two pieces of felt at 3 inches, this is also where I put a dab of glue to hold my pinch and where i will attach the ties for the dress later. Then I glued on my face, trimmed the triangles to the pinch on both sides.
Then I glued the sides together. (When I put the dress on the doll later I had to fit the dress a bit closer by cutting and gluing it again. For a more fitted shape)
Then I attached the ties at the pinch marks with glue and covered the rick rack with scrap felt on the other side for support
Then try the outfit on your doll, you may want to cut and re glue the sides for a more fitted shape.

I hope you enjoyed this easy to make rainy day costume for your doll!
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