Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dear Jillian

Dear Jillian,
I really want to get a Facebook account,I am 11 and my friends have had accounts since they were 8, but my parents won't let me. Do you have a Facebook account? My parents are worried about cyber bulling.
Not on Facebook

Dear Not on Facebook,
 I know that many girls are feeling the same way you are right now. I do not have my own Facebook account either. Having a social media account like Facebook, is a lot like having a window in to your personal life.When you have a social media account people can access your information, feelings and see photos and read things you may write for many years to come. How you think and what you share on social media sites now will likely remain on the internet for years to come and follow you in to adulthood. I know in our house we have a rule that only our parents can be on Facebook until we are older. We are allowed email and let our parents monitor the email we have coming in.
It is important to know that while I do want to have my own Facebook page some day, I have to wait. I am showing my parents how responsible I can be with my email account and hope to show them that I am trust worthy. I too worry about cyber bulling, I know I do not want anyone to experience cyber bulling.
Just know you are not alone with out social media and that one day you will get your chance!
Love Not on Facebook either,
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