Monday, May 14, 2012

Patriotic Fun from Jacknits Etsy shop Knitting Patterns

I love and admire the work that Jacquelin of Jacknit's Etsy shop puts in to her patterns and outfits she creates for her dolls and customers.
This fun pattern includes directions on how to knit the blazer and a short or knee length sweater dress
I love being able to show you all the talented ladies around the world who create amazing items for our dolls. I also love the accessibility and  affordability  of these patterns. Priced at under $5, the patterns in Jacknits Etsy shop are a wonderful investment to your doll play and pattern collection. I love that when you order your patterns you receive your pattern via email and you can start right away!
This is the best time to get working on your items for the up coming holiday busy season, Yes I know it is only May but thinking ahead, creating year round and giving the handmade gift of love is a goal of mine!

There are so many wonderful styles and patterns on Jacknit's Etsy shop
I hope you will pick up some of her patterns, your needles and some yarn and create some wonderful outfits for your dolls!
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  1. Jackie's patterns are great and I have knitted several already.

    Will be meeting her in person in June as she lives not far from me :-)

  2. The new Jubilee pattern is so cute! I think that my two most favorite are Shawlette and Diamonds are Forever. Karen, which pattern(s) do you like best?

  3. I love them all, I wish I was as talented. I really would love to make any and all of these patterns!