Saturday, May 19, 2012

Addy's Ice Cream Set, more wonderful photos from Brandy

 Back in December Brandy Shared with me one of her daughters holiday surprises and photos with me. She very kindly allowed me to share them with you. I thought it would be fun to save this post for the warmer weather. 

"My oldest Jayla has always loved the American Girl doll, Addy.  She is one of her top favs.  She has been wanting Addy's "Ice Cream Set."  Cherry pie is one of Miss Jayla's favorite desserts!  Well...the price tag was a bit high at $68 dollars for a set that was meant for only two dolls.

 So I got creative.  I used dishes and forks we already had.  I used cupcake paper doilies that we already had.  Jayla already had Addy's blue Dress that came with the exact same flowers as in the ice cream set.  I used a tiny vase (the one I use when the girls pick me "flowers" (aka weeds) from our yard. 

I had already made a cherry pie in for Christmas craft.  I used white pom-poms for the ice cream, which I always seem to find in my craft bins.  I purchased the actual AG Ice Cream maker from EBay for $9 and the actual AG pie server from EBay for $3. 

Took some patience, but I got really good deals.  I placed everything on a dark brown tablecloth (cloth napkin from my actual Thanksgiving set.)  Went with a dark brown so the white of the little doilies would pop....and Addy's table from AG is a deep brown wood tone."

"All in all, this set serves 6 dolls and comes way under budget. "

Enjoy, Brandy

Speaking of  Ice Cream....I love the historical patterns offered by Liberty Jane and the Samantha Ice Cream Dress is a favorite of mine, I thought I would share. To view it on Liberty Jane's Pattern Site Click Here

To order Addy's Ice Cream dress and set click here

Thank you so much Brandy for sharing with us your stories and wonderful photos, crafts and ideas, your daughters are so very lucky to have such a wonderful Mom!

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