Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Morning Waffles...Brandy Does it again!

I am amazed at the talent and consistent wow factor that Brandy brings to my in box. Here waffle maker for AG dolls blew my mind.Inspired by a craft she saw on My Froggy Stuff  I know everyone will be thrilled to see and make one of their own.

"This has been the first Saturday in several weeks that we haven't had a full
schedule.  I think all of us needed a lazy day."

"  Jayla told me she wanted to  sleep in and wake up to the smell of waffles."

  "They both wanted to stay intheir pjs and play with their dolls.  I love to watch them play and hear all
the giggles."

"To surprise them, I made them a doll waffle maker out of an old make-up
compact and waffles out of foam paper.  I used poney beads to make them
cereal.  It's always nice to give them one of my little craft surprises on a
Saturday morning.  It gives Jason and I more time to enjoy that first cup of

"I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend".-Brandy

 Thank you Brandy for inspiring us and for bringing more then creativity to your children, you are making memories through doll play that will last a life time!
Thank you for helping us all do the same with your inspiration.
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  1. My froggy stuff has a craft just like that!

  2. Yes Brady was inspired by My Froggy Stuff's blog!

  3. Really cute idea, and I just love the doll table. Is there a table like this available for purchase?

  4. Brandy uses for her doll furniture.

  5. Super! I love the "bead" Froot Loops!

  6. I LOVE THE WAFFLE MAKER!! AWESOME IDEA!! Where can I find those cute clear bowls she uses? And...I CAN NOT get my "milk" to turn out right! Any pointers or suggestions???

  7. This blog copies too many things from My Froggy Stuff and My Froggy Stuff makes it better anyway.

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  9. Dear AJ Styles, I am sorry that you feel that way. It does clearly say in our post that Brandy was inspired by My Froggy and is sharing her craft. We do not set out to copy My Froggy Stuff as you say, we do however share our 18 inch craft ideas here with our readers along with craft ideas we find all over the dolly world. Share not Copy, many of our crafts and ideas are inspired from real life, just like many other blogs.We are inspired by many crafter's as well as inspired by daily items we want to create for our children, our dolls and our doll lovers. Our craft contributors are doll lovers not paid crafter's and our goal is not commercial. We love and appreciate our readers. I feel you clearly do not understand the purpose of our blog. I have published your comment to share with my readers your opinion even though I do not agree with it. We give credit to the crafter's who's blogs and ideas we share here. We are sorry you feel the way you do about our work. Our goal is to promote creative doll play and I do believe we are achieving it. We respect the amazing crafter's who work to enhance doll play and we are sorry if you feel the way you do.