Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dolly X-rays

My 4 year old son and 4 year old niece Laura and I were working with construction paper and my Son Alex said we should make Dolly X-ray's...
So here is how we did it.
You will need
-black construction paper
- white paper to trace your dolls arm and leg with
- a pencil
- white crayon or pencil crayon

 Step 1- trace your dolls leg. USE A PENCIL so you do not get pen on her!

Step 2- Trace your dolls arm
Step 3- Cut out your images. These are your tracers for your x-ray if you want to add lines that will represent the bones of the arm you can do so on your tracers or leave it until you make your outline on your black paper
Step 4- Cut your black construction paper in half like you would for a birthday card and then you have two pieces for your two x-ray's

Step 5- trace your images from your tracers of your dolls arm and leg  onto the paper as shown repeat for the arm

Step 6- Add your bone detail, you can look at images on line or make up your own, it is your x-ray after all! Now you can play Doctor with your own set of doll X-rays

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  1. I love this idea! I have the Feel Better Set from AG, and this will just add to the doll-play potential. I might have to make several, not only for my AG dolls, but for my Springfield doll and Corolle doll, too!