Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gnome and Garden perfect for our dolls!

I recently ordered myself this Gnome and Garden set from The Book Depository
I love The Book Depository because it offers world wide free shipping! Which makes them less expensive and a way better selection then my local big box book store.
This set is perfect to go with my American Doll Room play set, shown in all my photos in this post!
I paid $15 for my Gnome set and as a Gnome lover I think it is a great deal. The book is fantastic and it is a perfect addition to my doll play collection and my Gnome collection.
My niece Laura and son Alex loved planting the flowers for flower bed portable garden.
I have a few other small Gnomes in my collection, Cedric my traveling Gnome goes everywhere with me in my purse and Potter is actually one of my son Oliver's Gnomes. They are both perfect doll sized Gnomes.
They are also available under $10 delivered to your door from The Book Depository
as well they each come with a great doll sized book.
Have a "Gnomey" Good Day!

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