Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dear Jillian....

 (photo of Molly and Andy)
Hi, Jillian.
 I am Molly and I love reading your blog. I live in Northern Maryland (USA) with my mom, dad, annoying sister - Sarah, my chihuahua Sweetpea, and lots of other animals on a farm. My favorite animal (next to Sweetpea) is my new horse, Andy. I ride him every day (see the picture). One day I want to be in the National Finals Rodeo and ride for my college. I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up - or a computer programmer like my mom. 

My question is how to I deal with my annoying sister. She is 2 years younger than me but wants to do everything I do. My mom says to be nice to her because one day, she will be my best friend. But I doubt that. She gets into my stuff and never puts it back. If I yell at her she cries and tells mom and then I get yelled at. I can't win. You seem to have a lot of sisters so I was wondering how you all get along. Is it always happy at your house?

Keep the good blogs coming. One day I might have a blog, too, and I will link to yours. - Molly
Dear Molly, 
Oh my Andy looks like such a wonderful horse, and a great friend. I love your action shot!
Well we have a very busy house like you say and we have to share almost everything just like you. It can be really hard sometimes especially when it is something that is so special and they take it from you. I know that sisters often fight over everything but I also know my sisters are my best friends! 
My mom says "Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.  (~Author Unknown)" and I think that is true, as much as we are alike we are all different, but we are all stuck together and might as well try to get along.
 While it may be hard to see it now sisters are forever friends, "sisters by chance and friends by choice", it may be hard to get along sometimes but a sister is always there when you need her, and she will usually have what you need, even if it is yours. 

In our house not every one is always happy but we always have each other!
Love Jillian
(sisters Jillian and Chrissa)
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