Friday, May 4, 2012

Sushi with Brandy!

The very talented Brandy has shared with us her dolly sushi creations and I am so thrilled to bring it to you today!
"This craft started after getting inspiration from a fellow crafting mom, My
Froggy Stuff.  She made adorable sushi with using scrap felt pieces and
electrical tape.  She also used a lighter green felt for wasabi and a pink
felt for ginger.  I thought, "I can do that!"" says Brandy

"I added on to the idea my making additional sushi out of scrap sponge pieces
painted white to resemble rice and then pink and orange foam paper on
top.added a few marking lines to create tuna slices and prawns."

 "I took a piece of black foam paper and cut into a circle and placed it in a water
bottle cap to use as a ramekin of soy sauce.  I went on to create a bamboo
serving tray out of a rectangle craft wood piece and clued little wood caps
underneath.  For bamboo plates I used smaller craft wood rectangles.  For
chopsticks I cut one of the ends off of toothpicks and sanded smooth.  I
made napkins by cutting down real napkins and putting a little piece of
electrical tap around the middle for a napkin ring.  I used a communion cup
and put in a brown pom-pom to resemble tea."

"My daughters thought this craft project rocked!  They couldn't wait until I
was finished so they could start playing!  Maybe they will be a little less
hesitant to try their father and I's sushi the next time we have it."

 A huge thank you to Brandy for sharing her photos and talent with us today!
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  1. Great project! I'm trying to decide if I could scale it down for the mini AGs