Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pink Swap!

Having three boys I do not have a lot of pink in my life, (except for my pink tea pot!) so when the Pink Swap came around in my Swap-bot Swap group I was so excited! That being said I have the hardest time picking out pink fabric so I went with something safe and fun I hope my partner would like, she is also a  mother of three boys!
For my partner Terri, I made a stay up pink towel, stay on pink bath hair towel, a bath poof, a pink hand towel and I included some fun erasers that are perfect as doll play accessories, a toothbrush, soap and perfume bottles. My favorite item to send was my dollar store gem find of doll sized shower caps!
I also sent along a relaxing music cd for my partner for bath time.
I had so much fun with this swap!
Here is what my partner sent me
Hand stitched pink ball gown, I am over the moon! I loved it! Thanks Ebliss! Who was my partner and who is also the owner Sew Crazy Army Wife 's Etsy shop! Lucky me!

As with all my swaps I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at


  1. What a cute bath set!! Are there directions for making this? I looked through your ideas and didn't see them. I would love to make sets for a doll spa party I am hosting for my daughter. Thanks so much!! Laura

    1. yes Thank you Laura!