Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sew from your stash 2 Swap

My Swap group and I agreed our sew from your stash swap was so much fun we had another one.
For my two partners I made Spring/Summer Pj's or casual outfits
I made each of my partners the same pair of pants but different tops and just like the last swap we were not allowed to go out and buy any fabric for this swap, we had to use only items we had on hand. These swaps really are helping me with my New Years Resolution of Sewing through my Stash.
In each of my Partners swap envelope I included 6 hair elastics for their dolls that matched the outfit I made.
My partner SewCrazy made me a great dress and pants from her stash of material she has from altering garments in her town. I always love what she sends me as they are perfect for my nieces to put on and the textures of her doll clothes are wonderful.
Due to the international postal shipping and the time it takes I have not yet received my second partners swap, but I look forward to it when it clears customs.

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  1. What did your partner send to you? There's no picture!

  2. I love that little pink/red top. Where did you get the pattern for it?

  3. Some how the photo did not load, I will keep trying sorry Christina!
    The little polka-dot top is a 99 cent store baby dress, I altered to make a top, I understand that these dresses are back at the 99 cent stores in the USA, I picked them up on my last trip to California.