Monday, May 7, 2012

Girly Girl's Make over- My Nieces Bitty Twin

My Nieces Cadence and Hannah are twins. In 2010 my sister went to the AG store in New York and bought them a set of Bitty Twins and my Niece Trinity got an 18 inch JLY doll. Having received the catalog months before their trip the twins picked a Boy Girl set with Curly hair just like them. Hannah named her doll "Girly Girl" which is something my sister and my mother called my nieces.
So it was very fitting.

In January we visited the Seattle AG store and each of the girls got an 18 inch doll. So Hannah said to me that Girly Girl could stay for a visit at my house, my sister agreed to leave the doll with me as their 5 suitcases were over flowing as it was. So here she stayed and enjoyed her sleep over.
Then in April my niece Hannah  asked for Girly Girl to come home, so I set to work on giving her a "Dolly Make Over" to surprise Hannah when she opened the box, after all Girly Girl would now be taking a cross country tour, from Vancouver to Montreal...

I washed and conditioned Girly Girls hair, brushed out her curls with my fingers, doll pick and hair brush, washed dolly's arms with baking soda and water and made her a new outfit and matching hair bows.
Sitting in the AG hair styling chair all ready to go home I had to give her a matching Lolly Pop for being so good during her make over.

Sending her home was bitter sweet, she is truly a lovely doll. I know Hannah will love her even more dressed in her favorite color.

*Lolly pop made by  ChelseaAlexisJordan's Etsy shop click here to see their Etsy Shop

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  1. That Bitty Twin is a favorite of mine too. She is just too cute! I love the dress you made. What pattern did you use. I want to make one like that for my 18" dolls. It's very similar to that new red dress that was just released by AG this year.

  2. Hi Catherine, the dress I made is a repurposed baby dress from the 99 cent store. I bought 6 of them last year in July and altered it to fit the bitty twin, Check your local dollar and 99cent stores. I got mine in Palm Dessert Good luck!

  3. Dollar tree has the dresses again Karen.

  4. That is wonderful news! Every one should have access to affordable doll play fun!