Friday, May 18, 2012

Springfield Fun from a Friend

I love Springfield Dolls, so when I got a package in the mail from my friend Char at Doll Diaries I was over the moon. She put together a fun surprise package for me and I was thrilled.
I had my eye on the Springfield Cheer outfit for the longest time, I usually pick up Springfield Doll Clothes and accessories for my nieces, for birthday gifts and for surprise Dolly Mail. I usually do not get anything for myself. This package was truly a treat.
Included in my package were the fantastic Ballet flats that go with everything! I love these versatile shoes and the little bows remind me of the shoes I had when I was 7!
Char even sent me the matching purse! How cute is this! This purse has a working zipper! I loved it!
I was so excited to see these Sunglasses in the box, I love the shape and the pink lenses!
I think I may have to do another post all about the Sunglasses! I think they are the perfect summer accessory!

I write about the Bunny Slippers a lot, you may have noticed. These are my favorite accessory to purchase and give. Every little girl and doll needs a pair of bunny slippers for their doll.

I am so thankful to Char from Doll Diaries for this fun Birthday package she sent me and to Springfield dolls for putting Doll Play with in the reach of so many Doll loving girls across North America with their fashion forward style, quality and affordability!
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  1. So glad you liked what was in your box!! The cheer outfit is fun and looks so cute on any of the dolls.

  2. My niece is begging me to let her take it home, I think I will have to pick up another one and put it away for Christmas.
    I loved everything you sent and I love the Springfield Doll Collection!