Friday, May 11, 2012

Brandy's Special Easter Dinner better late then never!

Today Brandy shares with us the Easter dinner she made for her daughters dolls....sorry this is late, I forgot to file this story! I have to say I wish I thought of that when ever I see her work! I love her ham!

"My daughters asked me, "Momma, why didn't you make us a doll Easter dinner?"
Oops!  I forgot.  So last night I got started.  Better late than never!  I
think it came out cute."

"For the meal:  I recycled some food items from the Thanksgiving and
Christmas dinners I have made in the past.  White pom-poms were used for
mashed potatoes.  Shades of green felt for a salad.  Tan sponge pieces for
dinner rolls.  Pink foam paper cut into ovals for ham slices."

"Carrot Cake:  This is a tradition in our home for Easter.  I used two layers
of painted brownish orange sponges.  I used cream foam paper for a
butter-cream frosting look.  Then I used various hole punches for decorative
frosting.  Round hole punch for the trim.  Rectangle hole punch for the
carrot.snipped the tip edges for a pointier look.  Tear drop hole punch for
the carrot stems."

"The candlesticks: these are 3 inch can purchase unfinished
at most craft stores.  I painted them a pretty apple green.  For the candle,
I used a miniature craft unfinished wood rolling pin.painted the center
white and the end yellow to resemble a flame.  I hot glued the other end of
the rolling pin into the candlestick."

A huge thank you to brandy for her wonderful ideas and her talent. I also love how she puts her photos together...I want these napkins! I love how she sets her tables don't you?

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. That is fantastic! AG couldn't have done any better! Nice job!

  2. Soooooooooooooo P-R-E-T-T-Y!