Monday, May 21, 2012

Mini Me Dolly Diva's Fun Dolly Spring Fashion reveiw

Mini Me Dolly Diva's Etsy shop offers some very fun and fashionable outfits and accessories for our dolls and I loved this shirt that Dacia came up with.

Her Barbie wants me to be me shirt is one of the most popular shirts especially on her Facebook Fan Page it has even been featured on Doll Diaries

I ordered this one for a friend of mine for her birthday and if you are reading this Miss Lauren M you and I need to get together for Birthday Tea so I can get it to you!
Mini Me Dolly Diva has a really fun Etsy shop and her outfits are some of my most favorites! I love her I am a Dolly Diva Set Priced at $25

I also love that you can order it in White!
Jillian would love this outfit! How cute is this shirt with the frog! This set includes the Cargo pants and hair bow for  $28
Check out Mini Me Dolly Diva's Etsy shop and her Facebook page and become a fan today!

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