Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Amazing Doll Sized Pinatas By Friendly Frog's Pinatas!

My friend Teanna is a Pinata Artist who runs a great business through her Facebook fan page called Friendly Frog's Pinata's
Her work is so much fun, part of the reason why this busy mom started creating pinata's in the first place.
Teanna makes customer requests reality and parties so personal. I love this Red Bird, Angry Bird pinata.
Teanna got started making pinata's 2 years ago. Her son wanted a pinata for his 8th birthday and Teanna didn't have the funds to buy a commercial one, so she made her first Angry Bird Pinata. Then when her daughter wanted one for her birthday a month later, she made another, and another and another and well you get the idea...

" One of the neighbor kids saw me making it and told her mom. She called me to see if I could make them one and it took off them there."

 Doll sized Pinata's range from $10-$15 plus shipping. Regular sizes ones range from $30 and up, plus shipping. Teanna made me this pinata as a doll swap in one of my groups. I just love it! Click here to read the post.

Teanna's Motto is "I can make anything"
Check out her Facebook Fan and Business Page by Clicking Here
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  1. I love the balloon! Saige would love it!

  2. A nice big hot air ballon pinata would be great to get and use for DIY Saige piece. Add it to a basket that can hold some dolls and you would be set at a fraction fo the AG price for that thing.

  3. Cute!

    Who won Maria and the envelope?

  4. I will announce the winners early next week. I apologize but I have so many entries to go through and so much going on. I promise to let you all know soon!