Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Generation Pieces To Love! My Our Generation Wish List.

My Niece Laura has the Our Generation Wooden Wardrobe and I have been very jealous of it for some time now.
While I know my dolls collection will spill out of it in no time flat, I still love it.
The Tea Parlor Table and Chairs are such a great set. I have seen so many of our readers with their tables and chairs and this one is one I would love in Doll and People Size!
I love that the dolls legs fit so nicely under the table!
I am so impressed with the dolly kitchen that I have this one on my list as well. Honestly nothing has been forgotten here. It is all the tiny detail attention that has this set the tops on  my list!
Now that Target has just opened in Canada I am so thrilled that so many of our doll lovers will be able to take advantage of such great doll play items that are so reasonably priced!

I would love to see your Our Generation Collection Photos  as well so email me yours at, let me know what your favorite Our Generation Doll items are and what you would recommend to those of us who are just getting to know the line here in Canada.
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  1. We have the table and chairs set. I really want the bike but Target doesn't sell them anymore.

    1. ck Toys R Us--the Journey Girl bike is the same size and very cute

  2. Trying to comment

  3. I have the wardrobe and love it! It holds about half the AG clothes I have, but totally worth it! I got it for Christmas over 6 years ago (I think) I had never seen it before then, so I was surprised when I opened it and did not know how I felt about it because I was going through an American Girl only stage when it came to brands. It has helped me not lose small accessories!

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