Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Auntie Robin Has A Free Shipping Code For My Readers In The USA

 As a lover of the Mini Dolls finding Auntie Robin's Etsy Shop was a true delight!

Auntie Robin is doing for mini dolls what Etsy shop owners have been doing for 18 inch dolls for years but she is doing it in a truly fun way.
Auntie Robin is offering her handmade mini doll clothes as custom made to order listings!
I think that is so amazing, not only can you get items for your mini doll but you can get custom items for your mini dolls!!!

Even better you can now order from Auntie Robin and take advantage of her free shipping code for those of you living in the USA!!
Robin shared a bit about her self, shop and sewing with me to share with all of you...

"I started selling skirts for little girls on Etsy at the recommendations of a couple of friends. I really love the Etsy community - everyone is so friendly and helpful. Last year I added doll clothes to my shop and those quickly became a customer favorite. As you know, the mini 6" doll clothes are harder to find, so I've had lots of requests for those. I love sewing these little doll clothes and enjoy making just what a little girl asks for. I love custom orders, but also have some ready-made items that can ship right away. My niece inspired me to make the mini AG clothes as her little doll was in need of more outfits to wear! A doll can never have too many outfits! They are a lot of fun and more affordable than the bigger doll clothes. I'm going to be adding some little doll shoes with some of the outfits soon and have lots of plans for new doll clothes. I think it would be fun for a little girl to have a mini AG party and give her guests a little doll dress for a party favor! Please offer your readers free shipping (domestic) with the code FREESHIP."

A huge thank you to Auntie Robin for creating items for the mini dolls and for offering my readers this Free Shipping opportunity! You can visit Auntie Robin's Shop by clicking any of the highlighted words in this post. 
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  1. So cute...such lovely little clothes...going for a peek :) Thanks for sharing....blessings

  2. Nice write-up on these cute little clothes.